Bank of Hawaii

130 Merchant Street
Honolulu, HI 96813
How It Works

If you're applying through our Online Small Dollar Emergency Loan
Program for amounts $1,000 - $3,000:

Please select Emergency Personal Loan as your loan purpose.

Your Bank of Hawaii personal checking or savings account
number where your loan proceeds will be deposited
should be entered in the application comments.
This will allow you to conduct your loan closing electronically.
Subject to credit approval.
For all other personal loan requests,
or requests over $3,000
please select from our other loan purposes.


You have selected to begin a new personal loan application. Click the New Application button below to get started!

Here's an overview of how simple and easy it is to apply online with Bank of Hawaii.

Begin Application- by giving us some general information about your financing needs.

Borrower Information- You can securely provide information about yourself and others who will be applying for the loan. We require general information for each applicant, including Social Security numbers so we can gather credit information. This helps us to accurately evaluate which loan programs meet your financing needs.

Employment/Income/Assets- We gather general information about your employment, income you receive, and information for any assets such as savings and checking accounts that you'd like to provide.

Loan Information- We ask for information about the type, amount, and term of personal loan you would like.

Submit- The final step of the application process!

Note: Applications that are not submitted within 1 month of application initiation will be purged.